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    Inbetween Dreams

    Inbetween dreams my scene is obscene, and more than otherwise
    i'm being taunted, beat up, and rejected by the other guys
    So i fly away, into the greater good, happily asleep in my bad
    living in the dream world rather than face defeat instead
    So saccharine visions of victory and triumph fill my cranium
    Every know and then bad dreams tried to enter but I distilled the odium
    I waste away, dreamin of that cheerleader, in my dreams where id meet her
    while i hear the echo of the slowly abating ticks of my chronometer
    but i still i strive to dream on, depleted, of life contact and awareness
    rolling in my bedroom covers, arms wave wildly, my hair shifts
    that's a nightmare, the cynicism to all of dream world's glories
    its a reminder how got away from all the beating and hurt and destroying
    and violence, and silence towards you, as you were shown animosity
    when you first came hate was a stranger, and now its a full grown oddity
    Now all that's workin is the cerebral cortex, while your a decremental dormant
    Inaccesible to have a voice with, now you are lost in the dream world
    Where the feign girls and the fake friends are your only yearning
    These snake's send pseudo signals toward the life that your burning
    Now the syntax is broken, your system is rerouted toward illusions
    And your happy, because your not the victim of execution in delusions
    It's just a defected fusion of cognizance and perception
    Standing in your dreams and its like the apocalypse is arrested
    A complex of shit you detested, in the trashbin, ya just alone in a field
    full of love, and you never knew you were real, never knew how to feel
    The senses surrender, pessisism is locked up, you only know "beauty?"
    but sooner or later, your mind'll become a traitor - you'll overload w/ seclusion

    Theres Breathing
    And Seeing
    And Speaking
    And Loving
    And Mothers
    And Fathers
    And Sisters
    And Brothers
    And Others
    And Thinking
    And Drinking
    And Living
    Inbetween Dreams
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    umm intresting...i dont really understand the ponit of the OM but you did manage to put some good vocab into your piece...i guess i could picture what was goin on but you have to stay consistant throughout the whole verse thats my mani thing 8 out of 10!

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    ^it was a verse for a topical battle...topic was inbetween dreams

    thats the point, i guess

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