Its all black and white,
Its disguisting and dirty,
Only 6 hours of light and most of the times it might,
be confusing, completely dark,
You don't know wihch direction your going into, left or right,
And its the worst mind trick,
Fucking makes me sick, left or right,
any directions i got, i will either get beaten up or put up a dick to lick,
the best luxcury and the biggest gift,
is for them to kill you,
but no one needs your meat,
And the time passes by,
you dream that you were camping with your family on a tempt,
but you fucking killed your family and you are full of regret,
even though i can't say it out loud, makes me weak,
And as i said i am already weak enough for this trick to make me sick on this prison,
Daylight is an hour a day,
But i hate it, reminds me of the past,
its like someone put me on a test to see how many time i can resist,
till i explode, i die and i rest, finally i lay on the darkness with my self,
i find it funny how the tough guys always carry on religion,
its like an excuse for everything they commit,
but, still they can't handle the jealousy when they see a pigeon on the sky,
Makes their eyes red, suprisingly they cry,
Many people did try to escape this prison,
the lucky ones were found and shot,
and others were put on the same exact spot,
My greatest enemy has become hope,
And my imaginary friend is a fucking rope and a hanger,
I like to think its a female, i sit on my bed and i sang her,
about how much i wanted it on my neck,
i think the prison staff has like a stack,
but i am too scared to hind behind their backs and steal it,
when a new prisoner comes,
they call him fresh meat,
he cries for help he wants a phone,
says that i will contact my lawyer,
but what he gets is a arm broken by a stone.
So a second before you pull that trigger,
You must do your best to control your finger,
Even though your bullet will shrink her,
Your future will be hell,
No matter how many regret you sell,
Its like a shell which isolates you,
and tortures you till you die,
please don't murder, bye.