To My 10... (not decade)

Hold me close and donít ever let me go
And I️ hold all the promises I️ have learned and know
To never put any man on earth before you
To always stay honest and true
Iíd never want to tell a lie to you
Or play cover up like I️ usually used to have to
To never steal figurative or literally
And dedicate the day to our/your family
To always honor our guidance and ancestry
And live by all the codes they left for me
To always be grateful for what weíve been given
And not wonder or want the life someone else is liven
To always strike only when stepped upon first
And to never take life or give rights for a curse
I promise never to take you for granted or get too righteous over the work youíve put in
To always stay humble and never chastise that thru sin
I️ believe that we are monogamous in nature
I️ canít ever imagine risking that bond even if in a split second I️ think that I️ hate you
And these are all the things I️ learned while walking
I️ couldnít give them all to anyone else so I️ just burned and burned when we were just talking
And I️ couldnít say all this to anyone but you
Just sitting here wondering if you still feel the same too

Sorry my letter I️ (sounds like eye is broken) Iíve reset my phone idk but I️ canít fix it 😢

- - - Updated - - -

You can’t be the or treat people all the same because all people are different!