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Thread: BombBard Vs Krucial th1rt3en[open for votes]

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    Re: BombBard Vs Krucial th1rt3en

    Quote Originally Posted by Bomb Bard View Post
    Krucial th1rt3en

    FUK wat yuh Networth! Tek bursts prove dude a weakling
    I'm bout to champ W/Front Lines... U wish sum one could write a verse for U to beat me!

    I mean you insulted his writing ability. I guess that's something. Be more vicious and witty.

    On ur comeback? U dumb wack! Ppl know this mans gay
    Vs Spitzo u left an empty space between each bar...Voters'll leave them the same way!


    Ur Gun bars is fake shit! Fukin rapist! Watch bomb rip a lame
    When I say Fuck, Bitch Th1rt3en! I ain't talk'n bout how this Krucial dick get laid!

    Please, step away from the keyboard.

    Punches rockin yuh brain! Yuh record screams nothin but lame
    This a Krucial beating! It's important I get ur loss column to live up to ur name!(13)

    Overdoing this 13 stuff.

    Bomb punches be fire... S'why I lace'em W/welts
    FL on the GROUND,Champ! & I'll put u 6 feet under that for thinkin bout takin the belt
    Not sure what you were doing here.

    Quote Originally Posted by Krucial Th1rt3en View Post
    he talking all that Smoke, but aint nothing Fire that he said,
    thinks he's good......'Twisted Metal', this 'Clowns' only 'Fire in his head'.

    Nope, forced.

    he prolonged the battle a day after he announced the shit.....
    now im 'Amped', ill pine/'alpine Box' em, i know he 'Shook by the Sound of it'.

    I'm newer to this stuff and even I found this a bit dated.

    i gotta reach for u, cuz your pen is too trash for me to be fair against,
    im 'Cocky', bcuz this 'Ego'/Eagle sends flying whatever it air against/'arrogance'.

    Please step away from the keyboard sir.

    i Sharp Shoot, youll know were to find evil watchin me paralyze people,
    'Pin Point' accuracy, i take a 'Cleaner Shot' than 'Sterilized Needle'.

    You really need to stop trying to make this iterations.

    he holds 2 Titles, but all i see in your verseis excessive ramblings,
    fuck awards, i 'AM' (a.m) 'Eating your Food', this a 'Breakfast of Champions'.


    S'ok I got bomb taking this. Both need to upgrade their vocabulary to produce better rhyme schemes. Both need more creative angles and concepts. I mean bomb you write like a 12 year old lol. Crucial you're trying too hard to be complex. When nothing your using is cunning or witty.

    V/ bomb for being able to land something.

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    Re: BombBard Vs Krucial th1rt3en[open for votes]

    2-2 Uppin

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