Standing up from bed lookin' at the mirror,
Seeing nothing else, except the same terror,
Being scared, but i act like im not,
So my anxienty level doesn't get a lot.
Trying to put every bug on its slot,
Acting like its good when its really not.
Then you see your breakfast, you are hungry.
You don't wanna miss this meat,
Crouching on your seat and feeling tired, but you just woke up.
Wondering what the fuck is wrong with my mind?
Whether i am blind or way too kind,
Doesn't matter though, i am worrying to much, lets get out now for our adventure, yeah.
I wonder what i might get first,
What would be the cost,
Would it be another holocaust?
To destroy anything and its all because of you,
But then you are happy, 'cause its over,
And you wanna find a cover,
To block the drama,
Trying to act like you don't care,
But you keep on the tactic ''stare''.

So the day is gone and so many emotions are wroten on this big cartoon,
Even though its hard, its beautiful,
Til you see your self at the funeral.

Lookin' my self at the mirror,
Pulling up my wrist, its 10 o clock,
I am not the same guy anymore, i keep askin' my self, who the fuck is you?
I am too tired, i am too foolish to understand,
So i just try to pretend,
Like its nothing.