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Thread: Freestyle Cypher

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    Freestyle Cypher

    Got something to say but don't want to write to someone else's topic?
    Then you're in the right place. Anything goes in here so drop your free's and be heard.


    6 line minimum, no max.
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    Re: Freestyle cypher

    every time we bust a free
    be charging passa dime while on ps3
    rhyme a clime a boiling point
    asigmed a chineasy to the joint
    the ching chong sayer
    get on the mic at hong kong going of abusive on multiplayer
    theyll be like daime
    leave the game
    ohh daim they ll be like oh noh more
    so i geting at them to settle the score
    so ill be like wtf rice vety vety nice get to the chace
    they like i could do this blind folded i sayed a nohh only with a shoe lace
    they b looking so aligned wasted
    spaced the jokers faced on the placed blind laced yo got straight aced
    asian presvation invetation invation
    2$er suky sucy end of conversation
    his like fok yo yuo round eye fok thats all he has
    man next time i see you ima kick your ass

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    Re: Freestyle cypher

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    Originally Posted by Celph Taut
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    sick, bro. Holy shit. Absolutely captivating lyrics. never seen something so explosive, dynamic, and quintessentially mesmerizing! Keep it up!

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    Re: Freestyle cypher

    ok im on this, ur bullshit, never pulled a tool bitch
    i aint with many rappers, cuz what they rap aint cool bitch
    even in highskool bitch, i wasnt on that highskool shit
    i was bout gettin money slangin n pimpin gurls in highskool bitch

    these dudes is funny, ridin in cars with gun shots in em
    in tha wrong spot, at tha wrong stop, so cops fuck with em
    if u rappin bout ur family n boring life, we respect that
    but if u on that, fake lame shit, like most, we eject that

    yeah ur a bad dog, but dude imma cool cat
    n we playin pool at, places that we rule at
    guns we pull that, loaded up, full strap
    we know u fulla crap, lies got em fooled with rap

    i suck at beer pong, but who tha fuck wants to win?
    i missed like 10, starin, at tha big tits on ur gurlfriend
    nah im kiddin, i kill em, with tha plastic cups
    n ill sink every shot, until theyve had enough

    (randome shit from a flow...many verses were on it)
    I cannot list all of my best lines inside this signature
    because they number in the tens of thousands.

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    Re: Freestyle cypher

    Awareness LEVEL I:

    smokin damiana, ima on a dame and wanna
    eff er like marijuana mary jane and hound ha
    like doggy style for a while like howlah
    make her whine like a fox on a moon kinda
    lunatic on a looney tunes toons...

    Awareness LEVEL II:

    i key so much that they call me a locksmith
    and if cops got vaults then x-plodin like osama's cockpit
    on my sniper scope
    criss cross cross hair
    zig zag on like a zigghurat lair
    layers of schemes i interweave HVAC blueprints
    makin jay-z like like a jay walk in whack king
    kingpin? hmmmph.....fuck rhymin
    i can key all day like mozart with braidslike shoestrings

    Awareness LEVEL III:

    life's a jeopardy, then i am double D eatin Gepatti..
    Ya P, Mister master, puffin in like a puffin i am pupitiar
    pullin strings...makin pinochiio sniffin artificial..syntethetic fiends
    funnel in like all my puns on pommel in i am hittin like a pummelin
    It's NOT your Fault

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    Re: Freestyle cypher

     A Buck 50 on the road, radio on blaster.
    If I go faster I will need a road master.
    I saw a bitch on my right but I just past her.
    If I call her an angel it don't make me pastor.
    Maybe I'll slow down so I can let her catcher.
    I know she's gonna fall so I'm ready to catch her.
    Ima pitch my balls, good thing she's a catcher. 
    Now catch em.
    Now her body parts god musta blessed em.
    But her evil thoughts, the devil possessed em.
    Back on the road, on a roll, on dat piff.
    If I lose control, I just gear shift,
    then resume control, bitch I'm fearless.
    Your are near a pro, listen close, you can hear a flow, few have witnessed.

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    Re: Freestyle cypher

    i dream of earning, burning money, i'm on a balcony in my mansion,
    but then i wake up, i'm on the roof of the fucking flat that's in need of expansion,
    spit so sick, i'm the only bitch who can hold the game at ransom,
    and sell it back to itself, i'm on a road so fast, i'm hardly in control of any traction,
    - compared to me, you're just a mere fraction,
    and to rap this hard and fast is a reflex; reaction.
    don't even bat an eye lid, from one verse to the next,
    just realised this aint even the rip the bitch above you thread,
    but why stop here instead? you just gotta carry on writing..
    metaphorically sniping, it's all about the timing,
    and anyway i got two hands, i'm ticking on just like a clock,
    gimme thirty seconds and i'll create a handheld version; watch,
    to me, you're just a mess on this quick-ass filling page; a blot,
    can't even see you in the distance, tinier than a dot,
    i've rot right to the core, straight out of adam and eve's garden,
    evil in my heart has caused my coolness to harden.

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    Re: Freestyle cypher

    Im chillin, killin it
    Not clumsy so my drink I aint spillin it
    Im like Lava erupting, tell me sumthing
    Got champaign on the side straight bubblin
    Quick verse, leave hit hit worse
    And toss u faster than the speed a light into his hearse

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    Re: Freestyle cypher

    In my mind im a born killer growin up like im in a faze/
    My mom always said that one of these days/
    I will, grow up to be the biggest,better than the best/
    Like tupac I diddnt die, I was wearin a vest/
    5 Shots couldnt kill me and none shall have to had to wait/
    Like Im the game of life I will controll your fate/
    Also your life, no more playin,this isnt a game/
    Im just a blade in the crowd except I got the fame/

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    Re: Freestyle cypher

    igotta deadly strain of weed,, rolled it up and smoked it then ibecame keyed
    it got me so high ihad a journey through a different galaxy in my dreams said whas up to E.T. i was like 'yo was happening'
    then istarted to realize iwas bleeding out my eyes it coulda been prevented if ihaddnt seen my own reflection but the redness of the eyes stirred up E.T with suspicion started to suspect me of cruel intention and thought icame equiped with various weapons designed to cause a mass deficit in their alien civilazation they attempted to capture me but i was never apprehended igotta away from tha planet with my newly invented flyin contraptions and came back ,, my presence was known by the impact of nuclear bombs that eliminated life on their planet since bitchASS E.T was sucha faggot they dint think id be back iwas up in my space craft blowin on weed dipped in hash lookin at what had happened n started ta laugh
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    Re: Freestyle cypher

    Always act as ya sisters keeper,we'll leave her with out her features
    she working the corners nice but I aint feeling the parking meters
    Im trapped with a infected beaker ,some salt,and a pint of taquila
    tranforming in pirates bay to a virus , and empty leecher
    i'll meet ya greet ya then leave ya,empty pockets and missing sneakers
    yall not hot enough to be flames and im ice cold next to a heater

    a lil keystyle nothing serious
    We Hogg Tie'n em up cause these niggaz is full of beef we just fryn..em up

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    Re: Freestyle cypher

    The lounge is a place for dumb hounds sniffin at my lyrical sounds
    Put yo guard up, don't get pushed around by these degenerate clowns
    Who's only purpose in life is to throw down improper grammar and nouns
    No real talent to these thugs so I'll just knock 'em slugs out with my crown
    All they do is bitch, cry, moan and groan at the mouth, they foam fo' more
    While they livin' in their parents home, I'm travelin and changin the globe
    Touching lives with this poem, good and evil, cuz it's about, We The People
    Running across stupid sheeple havin seizures when I paint upon my easel
    An eagle eating the flesh of these weasels for speakin with their egos
    Take yo awards and shove 'em down yo throat, call this oral intercourse 444
    Throw out yo vocab and get hooked on Quantum Physics, math from the mystics
    I'm the hottest lyricist cuz I'm fearless now that my thoughts are limitless
    Spittin my verses like sentences, baptized in emotions flowin with notions
    I'm the realest as a Guru gets, metaphysical wits writin celestial scripts
    Is how these rhymez rip thru closed minds then travel down your spines...
    Wisdom I intertwine reflectin the darkness within yo astrological signs
    Is how I awake that stupid fucker that just dissed me, trippin on a frenzy
    I got real energy behind my creativity, attracting harmony now surroundin me
    My pen is so infected with truth that my words dilate the logical proof
    My flow is so smooth like vermouth drunken only amongst the indigo youth
    InFecKted Mushroom

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    Re: Freestyle cypher

    sometimes my dreams are so far i know theyre just that
    an unattainable act that i just idolize being fact
    day dream to stay sane aimin my heart at the track
    im layin on it waitin for the train to fade me to black
    sometimes i think it would be easier to not exist
    but people who think like that have no common sense
    so i focus on the positive and choose not to acknowledge it
    my accomplishments are dirt but somehow i push on
    finding a reason everyday to admire my wrongs
    long gone i feel my chance is but quit i cannot
    cause this battle is never ending but it needs to be fought
    im awkward on purpose because i hate people

    follow me on twitter: @NobleCAM_JR

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    Re: Freestyle cypher

    Daddy left me when I was baby
    Made me crazy drove me insane
    Dang worthless dads there to blame
    Now I’m in the game got all this fortune an fame
    Makin it rain dolla bills now dad would kill
    To meet me to bad for him you’ll never see me
    Golly gee maybe should of never used ya pee pee
    Ya couldn’t back it up why go an blow ya nut
    Without protection blow it in the butt
    Instead, now I wishin you was dead
    Don’t you see dad it was ur bad
    Fuck it I’m glad don’t regret all the great times I’ve had
    Without you, don’t need a piece of shit like you
    Run across me id fight you dude I don’t fuckin like you
    Hate you so much yah I fuckin dispise you
    So back the fuck up ya worthless fuck up

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    Re: Freestyle cypher

    daddy was a rollin stone, wouldnt come home/ left my momma with some swallen bones, cryin on the phone/ now ive grown up i can hold my own, bust my chrome/ release this anger overwhelmin my chest in my throat/ always on a endless road with some heat/ like i aint talkin a-bout august when i speak a-bout how hot it be/ IM ALWAYS ON THAT STREET ROAD OR AVENUE/ THIS WASNT GODS PLAN THIS IS JUST WHAT I HAVE TO DO

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