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Thread: Make em laugh cypher

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    Re: Make em laugh cypher

    Gay topic...
    2 days old already taking after his Dad
    Selling crack right out my own pad
    The kids making more doe than me
    Probably got more hoes than me...
    This kids the best shoulda thought of this years ago
    Should we leave his momma with tears ta show?

    New topic When fat chicks attack

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    Re: Make em laugh cypher

    Make em Laugh, Well I got Jokes, Watch there Belly's Ache
    Wouldn't Lick a Fat Woman's Cat even it came with Halle Berry's Face!!!!!
    EWWWWWWWWWWW....nah i'm playing....I do that For my Lady
    But my Baby Been Away, So Ink been watching Porno Lately
    And you Know that I Gone Crazy, So i'm locked in a Padded Room
    This shit was Supposed to be Funny not Real....Either Way...
    ..............................................THER E ALL GONNA LAUGH AT YOU!!!!!!

    next topic....
    beat the hell out of kanye the grammys...

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    Re: Make em laugh cypher

    Next batter up Vital is the contendor prepare for splendor.
    Fixing kaynes dental for free with a bat and change his gender.
    Returning him to male state i mean look at his face.
    Its a disgrace to see it in place so i fixed it right away.
    Knocking out his teeth and breaking his nose what a display.
    Then michael jackson runs up and moonwalks to the bass.

    Next Topic...
    When LG's attack.

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    Re: Make em laugh cypher

    Cruizin' ridin' top, i had to stop on the block-buster//
    Got out to open the front door, phone went off-flustered//
    Ignorin' the call, checkin' for a flick, my minds steady in horror//
    Freddy, Jason? Shit, i really don't want to be bored//
    My phone growls n gives a demonic shake-in-my-pocket//
    I thought it was my dick talkin to me until something shot out rocket//
    I made it a quest to simply stop shakin//
    My phone grew legs n feet, arms n teeth, this was horror in the makin'//
    The screens fell from the wall, devouring people, shoes n all//
    I kicked n chunked the dvds at him the best i could, worst overall//
    This TV screen picked me up n swallowed me whole, this couldn't BE//
    But after he was done, oh how he took a shoe lace, and gently flossed his teeth//

    Goin' to the Hugest Outet store (WALMART - KMART - ALCO - so on so forth) and gettin' like 1800 dollars worth of shit n you can't pay for it...
    Like an armless man in a rowboat
    You couldn't handle the paddling

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    Re: Make em laugh cypher

    im always one to talk shit and the ladies love riding me
    made one girl faint from fear of the size of me
    my penis is a behemoth found only in women's dreams
    neighbors call the police when i make hot women scream
    female satisfaction is easily my greatest passion
    dicks big as jackson...hey why the fuck is everybody laughin?
    why should i look down? cut the shit! is this a trick?
    FUCKEN BITCH! couldn't you say they were unzipped
    note to self: lied about size and no one seems to care
    next time i should probably have on underwear

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    Re: Make em laugh cypher

    Got a small dick a small....small....dick
    Gotta use tweezers to grab that bitch-n-take a piss
    Got a small dick....a bitch sees it-n-stalls quick!
    It hides behind my balls quick....awwe shit!

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    Re: Make em laugh cypher

    This is not very active.......if you want to drop a funny, humorous verse take it to the freestyle cypher. Just add the topic at the top of your verse/ But dont leave a topic as its not a topical cypher!

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