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    Member Pictures Rules

    I'm not sure what happened to C-Sections thread, but here are the rules for this forum.

    1. If you are a male, and a n00b.. don't bother posting your picture. No one cares about what you look like as you since we don't know you. If you registered awhile ago, yet still have under 200 posts, this means don't bother posting up your picture.

    2. On a similar note, if you are a female, a n00b, and decent looking.. feel free to post as many pictures as you'd like. We may not know you, but that doesn't really matter.

    3. No porn. If you must, just use MS Paint and do a quick edit to a picture before you post it.

    4. No battle threads. (Believe me, I did have to make this a rule or some idiot would set up a battle thread, claiming it's not in the rules that he can't.)

    5. No sigs. This is a MEMBER picture forum, not a sig forum. I'm sure some of you have great capabilities with doing sigs and banners, but refrain from posting them in here.

    6. Don't just quote another persons post. If you do this and are a n00b, we will subtract posts from your post count.

    7. This isn't really a rule, but.. Guys, don't hate on the girls so much. New girls aren't going to want to post their pictures up after they see you completely destroy the self esteem of the girl before them. I don't want this forum to just be a bunch of pictures of little boys trying to be hard.. do you?

    8. Dont post empty threads, trying to be funny with titles like ''naked me'' etc etc, cause you are not funny.. and making one will result into a ban.

    - The End -

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    Member Graphics Rules

    General rules apply here.

    -No DA links.
    -Artistic Nudity is permitted. No pornography.
    -Stealing work will get you banned.
    -Keep the feed constructive. If you're going to be a jerk about it, at least give some tips on improvement. There's a difference between being an ass, and being a tough critic.
    -Request in the Request subforum.
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