What is rap battles?

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Thread: What is rap battles?

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    What is rap battles?

    i want to know more about rap battles. share your thought about rap battles

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    Re: What is rap battles?

    Slope game is a new arcade game that challenges you to roll down the slope for as long as possible without going off the edge or striking any obstacles. As you slide down on the never-ending terrain, prepare for a significant speed increase.

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    Re: What is rap battles?

    MARLIN?!?! OMG is that you?!?! I used to play marble madness and be on the phone with him for hours!!!!! He’s the one that taught me how to stick up for myself and to steal cars LMAO!!! But nah I would never say ANYTHING or negative against my boy cause for real he was the sweetest man and angel and loved by all. Miss you ��

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    That’s my dads name too and how to spell it... I’ll try to do better. Room 112? Where I beat my ex down in front of his friends for not telling me he had his ex pregnant. I came in beat him down and left while he pulled his jacket off me over my head - it was a 5 minute scene and it’s actually hysterical - idk who is friends were. But when I hear that song “n... bleed” by big I laugh. Cause I was also “let me see that click” cause he was just robbed and we were sitting at his table and he had a gun. I believe it works like that in the ironic... angels are always everywhere and most things aren’t a coincidence. We on Gods clock...

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    Rap battles to me? Where you learn to write by competing with the best of the best. But also... an air drive when you’ve lost so much everytime your computers bust previously. A forum where people relate and how ironic the writing forum really is connecting us all. A place where you can anonymously vent as well - until the feds jumped on here. But it’s all good... the only time I ever did break the law was driving and I’m out of statutes any way. I feel like some others may not have been as lucky. Hence... the site is fucking dead!
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