“Cloned Cards” are in-house manufactured physical cards based on skimmed data we collect from our network, this data is collected off ATM’s, Gas Stations, & POS Machines.
Our network is quite expansive due to our client based network and P2P data affiliate infrastructure. We are then left with tons of data we cannot cash out within our own geographic region, so we encode this liquidated data to clients cards that do meet the geographic region capable of cashing out.

We then segment our cards in three categories “Mid-Balance”, “High-Balance”, & “Super-High Balance”. These segments are built upon variables such as: Balance, ATM Limit, & Bank Variant.

Yes, We use the same ip used by most banks for my card chips cloning and creation. Special trained hacking professionals so it’s high untraceable.

But the designed cards can’t be noticed. We print any bank design or any extra details at a cost.

After confirmation of payment, a card will be processed for your country and a kit which contains the blank atm card, default access pin and an instruction manual will be sent to the mailbox you have provided as your address in the transactions details.
Delivery takes 1-3 business days after payment confirmation for users in the USA and 5days for users in other countries. Shipping fees applies for some countries.

[Payment method]

Kindly send the following details after confirming payment:
Full name
Address and phone number
Zip code

[Support contact]
ICQ: 742871321
Telegram: @Sixxandre
Gmail: maxkendrick181@gmail.com

These are the legit usernames for all official orders or customer service needs.