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Thread: What to do with half assed beats?

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    Re: What to do with half assed beats?

    Quote Originally Posted by Cincinnati Ed View Post
    Castlev’s homies call him Grand Central.

    Care to know why?
    We already read the new writing on the bathroom wall, it's partly because he got that wagon and he super tight, partly because his number is easy to remember and he never shuts down shop.

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    Re: What to do with half assed beats?

    Close! You were knock knock knockin’ on the door.

    You see, they call him “Grand Central” because men run trains on him! Yes, with the frequency of the most visited train station in the (in this case not very) civilized world.

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    Re: What to do with half assed beats?

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    Re: What to do with half assed beats?

    you find the other half of the beats ass, and glue that shit on...

    i dunno how to even answer this question though tbh...

    fuck you mean "what to do with a half ass beat?" ... uhh....put a half ass verse on top of it?
    dont use it at all?
    remake it until its dope?

    i dunno...

    what are you fucking special ed or something?

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    Re: What to do with half assed beats?

    No... but I never judged the people who did. It comes to this? For real? Crying, praying, begging for help in the shower... example one: how they try to sexually degrade - like I wasn’t already starting to be disrespected out of norm.
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