How do I even begin to explain the torture or how gross it is
Or how they hit me every day and stand in the way of my kids
I can't even pray without hearing her say please forgive
And every day I pray when I was shot that I didn't live
It's like ghosts are forcing me to share my body with them
And they touch me thru my own skin and redirect my screams to him
The physical pain is worse then most their curses
And my bra clip was undone again this morning like all of my verses
Peace and comfort in my own skin
What I wouldn't do to feel that again
Ever hear your voice sound like someone else?
Why is this what happens to me when someone else sells?
The noise, even the AC running is driving me nuts
And 5 minutes after i wake up every morning my soul gets cut
I can't do this, you have no clue how hard or sick it is
Alone without protection and that's what I get for minding my own biz
Or what I get trying to get to my family and finally of life
But nah, what? It's just some cute game from bitches SO trife
I'll try to sleep tonite, despite all the pain (physical and emotionally)
And for 1 good nite, I literally get 620 more getting driven insane or in mad pain mostly
They split and added the good with their sick
Screaming to God for help but he just sit there and let them like some fucking prick
I don't understand how I got my worst nightmare again and again
The only thing that matters to me is my family, especially my blood, not the next stupid bitch pretending to be a friend
So don't begin to even tell me what so and so I don't even know is trying to do
I need help in a world that kicks my ass, makes me sick, and even stalks me too
I can't say I wish I never even met you cause my wish is maybe now they have to go away forever
My kids, I can't even get to my kids, they always win instead and it always becomes my never
I'm scared, because it has been 5 years straight and family I won't let go
Why do they even have a say or a rite to do this... I'm so fucking confused and scared now I will never know

It's so gross and digusting and I don't know how to make them just stop. Why? How do they even have this rite? Who would even hate me so much to do this to me to even begin with? Why won't you just protect me and make them stop?

- - - Updated - - -

Please get them stupid fucking bitches off me and anybody that stands with or helps them too.