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    Demon swordsman, seethe remorseless, with teeth endorphins; rigamortis with clay and pigeons
    I'm a indigo stream of lakes with sunshine and golden rainbows of sunshine with heart shine
    Learn the heart of gold, heart of stones, heart shaped hearts of clay art
    Heart of love, heart of envy, heart of jealousy, heart of gold
    For I am a demon from hell holding claws the size of tooths
    Conjure black magic from black dragons; black wagons and black bibles
    Black oranges, and black pencils; holding two pigeons hold pigeons in season
    For I am a bath of words, armistice of the seas of youth; a apostle of god
    Hold a asherah rod in pure palms; learn psalms and birth god
    For I am a god and a black devil; a soul of a holy spirit
    Blades of fortune scorching on terrains of heartship and heartless
    For I am a demon and angel with a blade of scorching..

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    I like it even though it didn't rhyme but yet still very poetic. So if I understand it's more saying you have a good heart but it can get viscous too. It personally helped me and made me laugh cause the day I woke up and there was a rainbow on my wall and I got scared - same concept maybe. What I tell myself to make me feel better about if that's the case what it means in the end is like - it's deeds... it's bad and inhumane acts that get you sent to hell not just cause you "come from sin" which I had nothing to do with like the guy in mental was running around screaming at me. And after all the adoption freak outs that can cause I'm grateful to have multiple races cause I was all like whoa I better not be a inbred or sin like that LoL

    They're blocking my comfort and peace
    Look at me! LoL it's not funny (I like AC/DC)
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