Ring thee alarm
Ask God who's hard
He has a tattoo of me on his arm
Your just a non leprechaun with no charm
How can i be harmed
Your not even armed
Looking hungry and starved
Here's some swiss chard
Fucking retard
You need to quit smoking that shard
The bowl is looking burnt and charred
Still looking square playing with your pokemon training card
Chihuahua lookin ass
Cujo, i'm that saint bernard
Should i fix
G.I. Joe crew
Broke your arms
Disengaged ligaments
Nothing sentimental to repent
De-Cuffing the Devil
Is my recompense
Where's your common sense
Shattered ribs
Do to no self defense
Calm your jets and temperament
Not a good samaritan
Uncle Tom,
So prejudiced
Give me back my cigarettes
Fucking nicotine and nicorette
A misfit
Not a catholic
Have I sinned
Fuck your feelings
Here's a sample
Juggle these
On your chin
It's my balls
Feel the sweat
Use your tongue
And taste the stench...

Ryan K Pendley