Mom and Dad look what I made
(Pause) Isnít it great
Baby boy showered in praise
Iím my brotherís favorite person
Uncles aunts get their purses
Out ask If i need things from
Them not rone but Iím my grandmaís favorite grandson 12
Big circle of friends
And Like ten girlfriends
And we all fuck and tell each other and say how cool we are
There I go dreaming behind bars 6
Everydayís capped off with
Seeing no value in friendships
Erasing contacts like 6
Do it pussy, do it 6
Pussy do itĒ 3
Pussy do it 3

This silly mindstate ill suited
Morning fueled with delusions
Like I benefit society
By being an employee
I love my work I love my job
coworkers listing dialogue
Nigga I know what to do
So Iím not told what to do
Iím a good boy Iím a
Iím a Iím a good boy
got no facade to hide behind
hateful fueled by spite and lies
Everydayís capped off with
Telling myself Iím a quit
Termination papers at hand yelling ďdo it pussy, do itĒ

No negativity from me
I keep it all to myself in exchange for paper money 12
That I give to the cashier
Then ask if sheíll, I donít know, have sex, cuz last year 12
said she canít cuz she had classes 6
She has a kid now and dad left 6
Sheeeit, Iíll take care for her 6 (slow)
And her walking talking ulcer 6
My nameís mister door mat
Prison beat me I endured that
Rehab beat me I endured that
I make happiness absolutely no one gives shit 12
Moving along slanted bishop
Everydayís capped off with
A sawed off in grip
To the chin yelling ďdo it pussy, do it, pussy do itĒ