rabbit's foot, second coming of christ, rummage with light, bring hell on a summit of ice
rummage with life, summon the first coming of christ from heaven's gates, meditate
my rhetoric, and doctrine, serpent lips, death hiss a apple, begin the rapture
mourning after pasture seaing, faster than a demon, faster than jesus screaming
a beast with reason, freezin' the icy summit, sea a bird plummet
burn summons, saw a jinx turn bludgeoned, when he fell from grace, he fell afraid
seldom pace, leave your history well erased, seldom face, compelling fate
In hell I'm faith, I always have fate in my faith, please save me hope
faced a quote, from the bible, spewed demon doctrine, seas of sonnets live
It pleased my doctrine, to have bible passages erased from the sands of time
I hold a land of ice, burn it with hell's flame, those who dwell, will never grow wings with name
I have relished scorn, blew the hellish horn of Arch Angel Andrew, spewed the spanish language from my spanish tongue
Demon claws, scrape the maw of horsemen and griffins, remorseless with woman, raped Aphrodite
I grabbed the staff of Midas, tore the staff; showed mine, it burned with hell's flame to a serpent
I am hell's demon, compel reasons to help Jesus, then deceived him to the promised land
yonder man, sonnet sand, blue bonnet hand, lost lock in land, he turned back, he turned to vinegar and salt
Split a Asherah Pole in half, siren man, highlander with a life savor from sailing warship
made out with kagome in a Forrest, we had sex to Solomon's chorus
birthed king david, he wrote 70 psalms, we held his teachings in 70 palms
angels ascend from what's soft, my tears of joy brought seldom songs
im a demon of jesus, took over his conscious left him noxious from demon sonnets
i swim in the sea of prophets, fuck kagome in the red sea, we share the same seabed please
i see the light in the tree of life, have burning passion, turning the tree into a tree of light