A sea of snakes, flees from grace, we are our own people, with our own steeple
we grow sheep's, and fluffy good cats, we are all fair with easels
We cry tears of joy, fair with choice, heir of poise
blaring voice of a serpent with a deceitful tongue, cheers have sung
we have won, happiness, joy and, peace will forever flourish with beautiful flowers
Gardens and meadows more beautiful than the Garden of Eden will flourish with splendor and joy
We will frolic with a rainbow Andrew created, clouds of white will cry tears of joy
im a seer in voice, fear is void, I'm sincere with voice
I clear the void, sincere in voice, fear is void, hear my voice
I'm a seer with a voice of reason, vanishing demons
sadness is gleaming, you can't fathom the reason, it's the trance of the season
I vanish the reason for the land of the seasons, for my heart is colder
I'm a czar that's colder, the boldest jester and clown in the land
I brandish a knife, cut a cow for having a cow, and not milking me dry
I have silk in my eyes, I love the silky skys, my paradise fulfilled the sky
fulfill the guise of your serpent formula, I'm a demon fox and lore
lore a serpent to it's death, and made it bite the dust
Light is darkness, I see the light in the darkness, the darkness in light
the heartless is night, pure white snow topples my home
I'm spirit prince on the throne, given pinky rings and woman
I pinky promise, you'll have her, she's beautiful as soul
she's beautiful as a rose, in the meadow of flores
I sing her a chorus, we dance and sing in a enchanted forest
she reminds me of a time of wonder, I'm a mind reader, and I love her
she's my soul mate, I want to date her than marry her
cherish her, like a flower finely picked and scented
we will always heart each other, through soul and essence
I'm a spirit animal, sincere with family, balloons flourish with a cloud
I am sleeping on a cloud of wonder, day dream, and dream
daydreaming about that girl, and how she reminds me of love
I am a dove, and I sea her up above
I'd love to love her, and cherish her cleanliness
my heart will always cherish her relishness
we make love, and give birth to a serpent, more profound than the devil
we our on another level, every ocean is settled
I am a spirit animal, drinking milk from my mothers
her silky skin remind me of wonder, remind me of wonder, remind me of wonder, oh remind me of wonder
the light is a wonder, a wondrous wonder, I'm lost in its wonder
light is a wonder, plight is asunder, time will be numbered
light is my wonder, darkness is my wonder, light and darkness will battle
fox's and serpents will flourish and a time of peace begins
beginning of the end, darkness sees the light god created
sin will flourish with the clouds of the sky, magical sin
amnesty wins, my family our flourishing with splendor
I nourish the sky white beams of light, I see the light
I feel the light, in the day I see the darkness