swordsman of great fortune, good thoughts embellish malevolence from a serpents conscious
purpose nonsense, cured Nostadamus, burned the burning knowledge from the tree of light
see the light that the devil created, the seas are sedated, free from the ancients
seas will be razen's, a priest from that is sacred, the seas are my tongue
I'm free from the Sun, I am hell's sun, a fellowship of good fortune and talent
I am the maliced, dreaming a ball of the northern lights; aurora borealis flight
aurora borealis light oh aurora borealis light, course the night with fortuned light
bring forth the light, of north of ice, the snowflakes frost the terrain, its winter
I blow ten blizzards at then blizzards, its a ice war ice storm
a plight war, a light war, I'm a psychic with timely judgement
time is bludgeoned, a bird will plummet, I'm a dove of a feather
loving forever, sucking the nectar of the sweet fruit of eden ( I didn't bite it)
I am light, I am a siren, calling out poets to the poem of wonder
I'm a winter cloud that rains on the terrain of eden, a sacred demon
im a demon from dohm, I tamed the flames of phoenix
sang Solomon's song in Zeus's Olympus, ran away with woman
Sanskrit gimp kid, jinx a platoon of Israelites, appeasing their light
I'm seeing the light, that god created, I have the maw of ancients
I'm fond and sacred, was in the garden of eden as serpent and looked at light
I drink the eliqor, I have the feeling of water in a laker, a sea of snakes
I am a serpent, swimming and dreaming in a sea of snakes