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    eyes of a snake

    control the snakeskin of the serpent who is devil friends with Lucifer; Mary Sue the earth
    grew a birth; grew what's worth; blue the dirt of the foolish earth
    mary sue a turf of bubonic plague virus king Midas laughed at a knight
    brandish a knife of foolish greed grew some teeth of slumbered tide
    hung a wife from a devils noose metals swords stabs devils and Demi gods
    vexed facade a seldom sought relished naught; compelled a god
    seldom taught; beat a hellish god with the blade of phoenix
    never forsaked the reason; that I'm a demon taming jesus
    hung Jesus from a noose from the tree of light; see the light
    Jesus was a seer and heretic; with the mind of a prodigy
    he could write homer's odyssey; but I call it even when I write on lock
    scribe a night; seismic plot; time is sought from the wickedness of seers
    im embellishing as demon prince; no one can appease my gift
    seas will shift; feed the rifts of clouds of magic proud of magic
    sound of sirens on the ocean bellow me to summon air
    funneled air in a bottle of water drank it with Aphrodite and cupid
    sight will be soothing I'm reclining eating my mucus
    proceeding with music from the trees of a seer; I am revered
    time will be near I am light never taking a l I am a god to ryuk
    time will be choosed from time itself rhyme with wealth alpha david
    staff is naked serpent breath curse your death burn to death
    learning death with Spanish tounges and language hugs
    brandish cuts; making love under the moonlight with soulmate
    called grace with Gabriel's horn save a reform
    sacred the lord I am a messenger a prophet to Zeus
    a pawn to my rouge if I'm not fond of your relished sin
    felt your sin and embellishment; you're seldom sent; fellowship
    seldom kid; felt a shift in times rifts; my gift time shifts
    vice grip on seldom taught sonnets I calligraphy
    the devil is my child; I have a devil as a child
    metal will be vile leave you in the river of the nile
    metal swords oh metal swords cut the shift of golden islands
    folding Midas when I touched him as priest; and looked in his eyes as snake

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    Re: eyes of a snake

    Everybody hates snakes and say they usually a follower - Gabriel was my dogs name who was pretty much my only child ever that I got but when I was a kid this kid died in my lap and he got light and lifted - when Gabe died he turned rock hard and Ice - I named him for “god is my strength” and my confirmation name is Gabriella as well - so on 3x now what’s my name, I don’t know why I have such a hard time to admit it. I miss my god - it’s like he left me. I really don’t care what his name is. �� any way that’s how I relate.

    "Maybe the other girls loved you but the pleasure was mine"

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