Hailed as a demon, heard screaming from jesus;, appeasing a legion
Seethed through a heathen that didn't believe in jesus; appeased his reason
feasible nonsense is sponsored by fake devils; yell hello
play mello in death note; saved bellowed human beings; the future brings
stupor leaks; im a demon seed; smoking weed and drinking juice
breathe a fume of toxic gas; possessed a demon from hell
im from dohm we remain calm in warefare; force air a force flare
force flares in the eyes of the sun; i made a angel sing with the sight of a sun
lightning will come from the eyes of a storm; lighting will form from Zeus's tunnel
Fruit will bubble will burst into the flame; it rains hell's fire on Zeus's terrain
Fruit will be named; the name of a serpent what is its purpose; is it worthless
it is not worthless; but worth less if you eat it; im the seeds gift
leaves shift from the tree of life; the roots sense my pure soul and it turns to a tree of light
i see the light that god created; naught a shapeshift i created darkness in seven days
i meditate to heaven's gates; levitate with angels and demons; we hear a legion screaming
the scream of heathens of hell; dwell with the souls of a spirit; solstice as winter
I have the soul of a sinner; my goal is a winter of pure white snow; blizzard and light
in a winter of burning pleas; I burn the trees for the sake of the tree of light
i see the light that god created; my rod is shapeshfit; cobra snakeskin
rope a alpha david; im king david reincarnation; andrew flores
fan of burning choruses; burning forrest's; seeds of light flourish in the moonlight
the sun is soon bright; boom shine; boom light; boom shine
my flower of flores grew night; grew light; and grew life
grew sight; grew stars; and grew suns
scribe doctrine in a seer suit at night; call me demon prince
semon drips from jesus lips; that's the seeds of life
Appeased a night for i see the light and the greed of darkness
i have seeds to harvest; believe s stars gift; appeased a stars shift
in the garden of eden; i never leave the garden; seeds of jargon
feed the harvest rains of rainbow; me and a angels halo have the same glow
i never made a rainbow cry, i made a rainbow cry; tears of light
i see the light; the tree of life; the tree of light
i love seeds of light; i have appeased the plight
i write in the seeds of light; see the light
I am a water serpent; sought a purpose; of devil worship
metal burns drips; a demon knows the devils purpose
leveled the devils purpose; settled purposeless
the tales of worthlessness; learned my purpose sin
worthlessness of philosophers, will fall to a prophet
i am Nostradamus; writing sonnets in ancient calligraphy
you're afraid of my symmetry; games of habitual pleas
seeds of light see the light; appeased the night of a stars gain
a stars fame stared game; my rocks name; the devils nectar
devils doctrine and rhetoric; have a hellish gift
A modern day Hosea with the flow of the ocean
showing devotion for the moment of moments
quoted a shogun; made him commit suicide in the bluest sky
grew some ice; the flu was right; im sick as fuck
pick me up; im writing with the soul of a writer
goal of the light that god created; brought a alpha david
my staff is sacred the snake of solomon; swallow ships
i sunk a ship of slaves from biblical times; im the sickest of rhyme
im a seer and psychic; with palm readings of a mystic
in the mists shift im a mystic; a demon swordsman; zeal remorseless