I'm a ruroni kenshin fan, with the sidekick alphonse elric; on the lyric
we have a spirit of solstice lyric, white winter flows, christ blizzard glow
my winter snow sins on the ways of demons from jesus christ
we see the light, we are the flow that aroused the tree of life
see the night, a star in the sky, ask yourself why
ask yourself, why its there, whats its purpose, is it worth it
is it worthless, im swimming serpent with a purpose
my gleam is worth it, with the purpose to glow for clouds and light
i arouse the night, devouring plight with magical cloud spectar
i arouse nectar, i sound better than solomon's song, i swallowed a song
follow a song, water is swan, calling my mom for water from psalms
calling my song from the mouth of a demon, its screaming
gleam from the holy spirit solstice lyrics holding seer kids
fold a seer kid, devilish demon, grab the sword of metal with jesus
gleam from my mouth, stopped the white clouds from turning gray
burning grace, burn your faith, for my fate comes first
i burn for passion, discern your ration, learning passion
a serpent that never turned to dragon, with burning passion
discerning dragons, firm molasses, yet envious at heart
my melody is harp, it is as light as my conscious is sharo
swallow a harp, my throat harbored the harps song
hearts song, the purity of solomons song will become hearts psalm
i sing along to disney tales, i have tales of my own, devil king
metal sings, as i stab the devil, and become devil king