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    Balls of Fire

    Abra Cadabra black magic cobra boa constrictor ocean lifter play light yagami with broken scissors
    smoke elixirs with ocean shifters; blowed a river with sistine chapel vision apple wisdom
    battle missions cataclysms past submissions last decisions brass in vision camera lenses
    apple wisdom mattress shifting camera vision apple schism Snapple drinking lipspick munching
    picnic summit kinfolk plummet limit hundred pyramid scheme Byzantine queen listerine drink
    jinx of Egypt betraying sphinx's with a fork tongue shoot king Midas with Solomon's asherah pole
    Rosh's scroll Kamehameha at angels and demons the faithful are screaming savior of teething
    my white teeth are cleaner than black bluish hueish tidal oceans white hue light hue white color
    white color elixirs blacklash water tongue splashes on pure white sand light's plan
    light's land vice grip on devil's horns; with a war settled score with bright blue metal swords
    Metal swords clink in Heaven's Gates; Heaven's Poets as Sirens sing solemn Solomon's songs for a serpent's paradise
    Purpose blaring eyes; serpents share guise, a rare as guise; serpents glide through air as light
    I bury light under the sands of time; I have brandish knives to cherish lives
    I'm a seer as voice; revered in choice; clearing voice; crying tears of joy
    I'm a serpent snake; my purpose faith; spit serpent breath from behind my grace
    I have burning grace; burst a flame; burst a candles name when demons said Andrews name
    In The Garden of Eden; I was a serpent; that conjured the devil's serpent; set him worthless
    Said in tounges; he was not worthy; for he does not know what is worthy; he has no purpose
    My tongues called the choir; I have the serpents breath that fought the sire
    In the flames of Turin; I caught the fire; as I meditate and conjure great balls of fire

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    Re: Balls of Fire

    You have talent but you need to learn how to say something coherent that makes sense while rapping. This is basically a list of mythology and anime references with no actual symbiotic poetic relationship of conveying meaning cogently.

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