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Thread: We Have presentation area ?

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    We Have presentation area ?

    hi it's have a presentation area for new arrivals ? or can I directly started the battles writing,I'm here for that !! I speak english,with what I can,but I'm from france,I'm here for have interesting battle opposition with lyricist,and I create that character,because Donald Trump is the most disliked men in World,which is a good excuse to make battles.I don't like that character but I would like to do wicked battles in that website,with US and perhaps UK lyrics,anglo-saxon lyricist,the roots of the hiphop discipline,same in France we have lot of lyricist
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    Re: We Have presentation area ?

    Scroll up. Click "Forum." Scroll down. Click "Front Lines."

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    Re: We Have presentation area ?

    ok thank I do it !!

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