the only thing that's more raw than my meat is my bars
Anyone who doesn't eating raw meat is a retard
try to taking my meat you will see stars
I'll send you flying three yards
you will have many scars

you fear the microbes
but your gut likes those
they help you to digesting, so take a bite, bro
eat the raw meat so that your penis might grow
the vegan have penis like the grain of rice, yo
I know

you've been condition by illuminati
thinking you can not eat
the raw meat or you get sick
but ever since I eat a cow brains, there's no one who can stop me
I don't need shrooms or pot see,
try some high meat before your next hit
I got my hands around your throat like the necklace
when I eat you for breakfast
and shit what's left of you into the potty

but I haven't taken a shit in 6 months
the rotten meat make me higher than six big blunts
I tell you eat the organs, you ask which ones?
everything from the liver to the thymus, cunts

and when I see the raw cow brains you know I want it
don't worry about the bacteria, it's probiotic

I eat the penis and the testicles, I even ate sperm
and I'm not afraid of germs or tape worms
cause the vegan they turn

the poop into B12
and drink pee twelve
times a day to feel well

cause' they don't have a vitamin Z-17
from eating the gall bladder meat and the spleen
and to clean
their intestines they using an enema from the beans

of the coffee full of anti-nutrients
heh heh, such goofyness
vegans are truly sick
the illuminati tell you eat the grains and you eat it
cause' you be the true sheep which
don't have a huge penis

like the Sveria
cause you eat the soy and grow the boobies in the pectoral area
then you get pregnant and carry a
malnourished baby with malaria
vegans invariably are very dumb
sugar and grains are where you get carries from

I haven't brushed my teeth in 2 years
and having less cavity than you queers
but people still see me and say "that dude's weird"
cause' they've been condition to fear
the true spir-it
of humanity
and to be

afraid of nature
they think the meat eaters are the nature defacers
but they where
the ones defacing it in the first place, for
the grains you're
consuming thousands of acres
of forest are chopped down off the face of
the earth, so face it you fakers
the illuminati eat and rape your babies in the A word

Cause you are too stupid to realize the flat earth plane
the propaganda enters your brain
you lack the fatty acid and prefer grains
and eat the sugar and aspertaine
your tamed
by morality and word games

the scientist devised
a way to disguise
the lies
as truth, and convince you to embrace your demise