The devil's spawn; sipped the devil's nectar for 40 days and 40 nights; banished plight
I buried the devil beneath the sands of time; I am darkness; vanished light
As a child I played in the sands of time; counting my biological clock with the hands of time
Man's design; concubine; I'm a grain of sand lost in time; lost on the shores of the red sea
I split the red in the Red Sea; I've conquered Hell; it was so hot; frost would melt
I'm a mystic that has gone to hell; but with the Holy Spirit guiding me; I was never lost in hell
Permafrost would melt; frost would yell; I buried my soul beneath the sands of time
I have blossomed flowers on a land's design; the grass was greener on the other side
I sleep on slumber tides; winter snow melts on my nose; I wish on a snowflake
I make a snow Angel; I feel the light of gold halos; I write parables; no fables
I am the Holy Ghost; I feel it's serene feel; it's gleam heals
The light that renders darkness; vanishes with purity and peace
Prosperity is in a rainbow; that Noah's ark created
The ocean's tides rendered light; Angels ascend in night
A demon never rendered plight; but scorn from judgement day
Devils and Demi-Gods plummet grace; Jesus Christ's winter snow melts with a summer day
From Heaven; I have plummet grace; fell from Heaven; as 600 horsemen followed my fall
Before so; I slaughtered Angels as Saint Andrew; for hellish Demi-God's; I paint statues
In the book of Andrew; The Saint and Demon; he conquers a Demi-God in a methodical battle
Andrew was was clever as a fox; brilliant as a serpent; he fulfilled the light's purpose
I played checkers on a chessboard; and burned the chess pieces to death on a smorgasboard
I am a Saint and Demon; battling Arch Angels; when I go to war
The tides of change have changed; snow is formed; my 3rd eye is seen in a glowing storm
I battle a Demi-God who's plan was to kill the Devil; I stopped his heart with my soul
I'm a Djinn and Jinx; I told a parable to a Sphinx; he committed suicide
I made red the bluest sky; when The Arch Angel Gabriel committed suicide
Darkness from a genie wanted to deceitfully grant me wishes; I prayed to God
God summoned the light on the invincible Genie; he was placed on a rod
Raw has challenged me before; I murdered a golden dragon on a sea's shore
Biblical Beasts massacre dragons and demi-gods; our enemies have finally felt war