Demonic plague; spawn what's red; hell's fire; dwell fire; with Satan's spawns
My sin will save whats God; faith will lock; for I am lock and a number in numeral
Asunder a gruesome ghost; the Holy Ghost is in me; solely ghost your envy
Foolish ghosts of envy; environ of green will render the grass is greener; Sanskrit seizure
Vanish leisure with holy ghosts of past; solely ghost your wrath
Foolish homosapiens; hell exists in a dimension of fire and brimstone
The fire will be known; for during Noah's ark; the fire laughed at the waters
Sirens are slaughtered by the demon swordsman; devils scatter as somber
I'm passing what's somber; I laugh at what's conquered; this is the wrath of a father
Laughing at daughters with the suns of hell; hell's sun will melt
I'm a psychic and Djinn; I am in the Bible Belt; I hear a Sirens yell
The fire in my eyes burn for hell; I am hell's spawn; fucking Sirens in hell
I hear a Sirens cry for my pleasure; I make her wet; on the side of a ocean
My fire's the ocean; I burn Angels and Seraphim's in a endless fire of ocean
I am a demon from hell and Dohm; reading Psalms in tongues
I created darkness in seven days; as hell's flame caught the sun