Clouds burst into flames; a demon surrounds the horsemen's terrain scorching with flames
Sordid with flame; forces will reign; hell's son; hell's sun; who will torture your flames
War is my name; sordid and vain; scorching terrain with flames from hell's tongue
My 3rd eye spawns hell's flames; attacking Mount Sina's biblical beast; I banish him with cynical speech
Optimistic; pessimistic; shoot a flame of witches; vain the Angels mistress
Their vain is vivid; wanting peaceful lives after war; yet rapture scored
Laugh at scores of Angels and Seraphim's shooting bows and arrows at hell's flame
I'm hell's flame; my bell rang; they heard my name 'Andrew, Andrew' I devoured their souls
Angels are cowards to bold; they cannot fathom hell's scorn; hell's flames power is sol
I devoured the sun; flicked it's flame into a endless blizzard; I'm a sinister serpent
As demon; I slithered on the war-field; killed a Angel that resembled Hitler; sliced his throat
My vice will choke; I'm the burning flame inside a rope; as my demonic tongue; make's people pride as choke
My 4th eye is cloaked; hell's pride is hope; divine with hope; serene as light
For when God created light; it was for treason to the winter season; keep believing
The winter's season reasons for hell's flame; and scorching fire that burns souls
My hell's flame burns souls; I burned ghosts of Angels as they left the battle-field
Andrew's zeal forfeits Angels to prostrate to Andrew the Spanish Demon; my scorn vanquish treason
Banish reasons for acts of bad action towards others; my cold winter's tongue holds the sands for seasons
I bring hell's flame to winter to purify souls with liquid snow; sin will snow
Sin is snow; for hell's flame garners in the snow flake of a snow Angel
My glowing halo synchroncity strangles Angels in Heaven; that's a sinister method
Liquid skeletons burn in hell's flames; burned flesh is heard crying in the flames
Angels are dying in their vain; their slicing their throats trying to slice my demonic plague
My demonic plague swept Heaven's Gates; as if demons were something foreign; like wizards or warlocks
For we are demons; hell's spawns; hell's flames; are hell's swords relinquishes the guards of Angels
Angels halos are false; demons zygote plans to hold them hostage; promise them a broken promise
For Angels were under seige since Egyptian times; the slaves were a wicked sign
When the Angel of Israel and Egypt; relinquished his guard; wickedness and mimicry start
The pinnacle heart; the sinister harp was strung; the sea's bow shot the boldest of arrows
Angels were sold to their halos; for Ramses only wanted to cleanse Hebrews and warn them of hell; that's soul of a Pharoah
Demons sleep in a winter wonderland in hell's flame; Angels toss and turn in Egyptian fire; in Heaven's Gates
Demons levitate with whiplash demonic tongue; slash a legion of Angels to meditate
For I am a spanish demon; with a Spanish tongue; opening the gates of halo
Vain is Angel; the flames of demons have consumed and tortured the Arch Angel Gabriel