Seeds of birth, recollect the earth; hell's spawns diminish into water and cloud
My wonders are vow, the sun will be out; I am a lion with the hunt of a mouse
Punishing gluttonous cows; rummage a house for food from a blizzard
I'm choosing my sister; Jinx; profused as a minister; the tune of a sinner
Summer ends, and winter starts; I love my family with sin and hearts
A grin will star; this is the beginning of the end; sin will be my friend
I slither hunger pains into hell; to escape gluttony for serpents
Asunder will be perfect; I'm rummaging as serpent; under the moonlight
The light that God created will soon be bright; for it had not yet shined
Now, with my prophetic vision; it shimmers as shrine
My goodness diminished a bind; I start with sin; but finished with kind
Sin is benign; I'm sinister serpent; with the gift of a rhyme
My wisdom mimic a mine; I'm a demon with a Spanish tounge
My cold heart vanish suns; I'm a serpent devouring Spanish suns
My serpents tounge had Atlantis sung; I banish fish to the shores
I wish on a shore; and pray to the fish that finished their war
My sin is a war; I'm a demon; I shoot bows and arrows at horsemen on horseback
I play with pokemon; sleep with a Snorlax; Jigglypuff sings me to sleep on the doormat (home sweet home)
I'm a Djinn that slept with Jesus Christ; molested him and taught him tounges
After; he sought the sun; but couldn't match Hosea; that taught the suns
I'm a lavish prince; you can sleep with me for a handsome price; be careful
For I sleep on a water bed in the lairs gloom; with demons and angels I share room
I write in the heart of night; a star that shines on the black of night
I am the wrath of plight; I am darkness laughing at the laugh of light
I battle plight in a sundress; the sun's set; I have a good feeling; the sun's wet
'Aqua sun, oh Aqua sun please fill me with water splashes from a Aqua sun'
For I am a water sun; of the almighty devil; a aqua sun for the water
I drink sparkling water in a spring and river; then cry tears of joy in a ocean
I swim the seven seas of holy ocean; hold the ocean in wet palms
I write water psalms; for the aqua sun will cry tears of joy for revered as poise
Hear the noise of wet sex and tongue kissing; pray with fun wishes
'This Aqua sun, oh This Aqua Sun' the watery sun kisses; the fun fishes
A Fish's Ascension; the water of tears for life are held in soul
I felt the cold of winter; as a seldom cold sinner; relish cold blizzards
Hellish cold winters; seldom sold winters; held as cold sinner
Felt the cold winter of a snowflake; brush on my nose
My tongue is reposed; the aqua sun creates a snow angel
Glowed halo; sang as a serpent with bold Angels
Told fables and parables to snow angels; during a winter blizzard
Assist my sister; tongue kissed her; and wished as sister
A liquid sinner; holding liquid swords with wishing force
Diminish lords; a fish accord; liquid sword; sinister lord
My synchronicity ceased feathers; and made Angels gleam better
For I am a aqua sun; a fish; that travels the sea's desert