I was rewatching some old Donít Flop battles and came across this one J Dillon vs Nathone back from 2015

Iíve been watching battles since 2008 and have dabbled in writing myself. How J Dillon won that I will never know. He seems like a nice person away from battles and was well liked in the uk community but his lyrics are often very awful, be it not for one or two funnies per battle.

His opponent on the other hand displayed an amazing array of technical ability in his writing, and did not seem to even take the battle very seriously. This link was posted https://genius.com/Nathone-nathone-v...hone-annotated and it shows he even spat somewhere in the region of 13/14 syllable multis in one of his bars, as well as a few heavy punches.

I understand having the crowd on your side is most of the battle won, but that Nathone cat was most certainly slept on majorly. Does anyone know why he hasnít battled since? Itís a shame someone with his ability hasnít continued battling. Especially when the UK has a fascination of putting on rappers who are awful across the entire spectrum of things, example being 95% of KOTR and the recent Code Red tryouts.

The tryouts just seem to get worse and worse, why not call back battlers like Nathone and give them a fair run at things?