What Happened To Monday? (Freeverse)

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Thread: What Happened To Monday? (Freeverse)

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    What Happened To Monday? (Freeverse)

    No excuse. So old and illogical
    to the point I follow trends in this hollow pen.
    Bottling my deepest regret.
    I'm seeking the net in lieu of psychology,
    my apologies if you haven't got a piece of me, yet.
    More over, I have a following of sorts...
    .. that sponsor, so obviously I don't need Nike's to keep me in check.
    Bounce, I don't need your respect, but
    oh how, I practically beg for it on the road down...
    But I'm still moving, never slowed down.
    Passenger seat, windows rolled down.
    Minus zero, freaking cold out. But I still won't freeze, no doubt.
    I've been exercising my rights longer than cardio sessions
    For every bar there's message carved that becomes a part of its essence
    Methodically speaking? Charlotte's web.
    Code blue, like Marge's head.
    Emphatic in nature after each bar's read.
    And this is far from poetic, but...
    I don't see even a parallel universe of me letting up. I'll keep taking until I get enough.
    Word to the editor. Apex predator,
    I'm saying, I level the... playing field; what my name's instilled
    in this game's hall of fame, f'real.
    Hot as fuck, I've been staying chill. All of that praying, will
    only boil my blood. I was there, when they told me to come.
    Every moment, I was atoned, but I've done
    a lot in my life that were out of my control to show the world where I'm from.
    A perfect embodiment of melodic script.
    Cognitive in nature, paper's astonishing with archaic acknowledgment
    of old-waves, concave.
    Celestial being like a rising phoenix, building an empire on underlying genius.
    Nah, as I'm battling demons
    Skeletons in my closet seem like practical features
    to match intermittent pain and guilt for never attaining
    a higher power, I try and tower over
    the ultra-defying shower of admiration... but shine, such
    a vibrant flower assimilating like The Morning Show, after they fired Lauer.
    Outside of reality, but inside is fouler.
    Hyper-reality, flip through fiction, like...
    The shutter speed, discovering the inner portrait, because of me.
    Air permeates life, but still it doesn't breathe...
    The double-edged sword is tongue-and cheek...
    But part like the Red seas, running deep... metronomes
    play in my head, like stepping stones.
    Whenever an Eminem record's on. Yeah.
    Now ask me, if they actually can relate
    to suburban idealism, or rather they hate?
    I adopted all of their personality traits
    If you looked outside of your skewed perception, you'd realize it was how I was raised...
    So, what happened to Monday?
    A tunnel, no telling... what's on the other side
    You gotta go where you're heading. Self reflection
    through several perspectives, guess it's...
    being far from comfortable, and knowing what's over your
    Even if where you go is upsetting...
    A celluloid of lowering ethics, our moral codes
    so deplorable, we're informed to forget it...
    But even behind those green shrubs, lies
    an in-between fuzz of consciousness that seems to intervene us.

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    Re: What Happened To Monday? (Freeverse)

    I'm battling demons
    Skeletons in my closet seem like practical features

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    Re: What Happened To Monday? (Freeverse)

    I know you... I seen you write before... what’s your real name? I’m reaching so hard to understand but the words are right here to remind me I am not alone. Someone else gets it too. Maybe “we all just playing sick games” but I have TOO MUCH on the line... keep writing and keep it abstract, it almost feels like pieces like this help to get thru it all.
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    Re: What Happened To Monday? (Freeverse)

    What up old friend
    This was a nice piece man, you usually come through with some hot cypher bars I think ive said beforw id really like you to be focused on your writing sometime and tackle a topic head on. Your freeverses however are very entertaining, I laughed at the marge line. Told me to come line was pretty dope, fires lauer line was clever, this was a fun write man, I liked how you plugged the title in, its like rapping ended up taking your whole day in a blur of dope old school solid lyricism. Flow was higher calibration than some of your writes, some interesting setups, mechanics were pretty sound.
    Thanks for the read

    Im not a rapper, im a gardener

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    Re: What Happened To Monday? (Freeverse)

    That was so spectacular, the flow is nicely done
    You came with heat that's the best thing about it
    You always spit tight

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