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    Animus Parameters

    Sippin' from golden goblets, spittin in the coldest solstice
    I'm god the globesmith, solvin codes with the oddest machine
    What does it mean? Thoughts of the lone codebreaker
    Spittin flamez like the supernova Omega
    In the crypt of cryptography, the inuits honour me
    Studying egyptian philosophy in another solar systems colony
    Andromedan astronomy teaches us to unlock the solace key
    Ancient like sacred geometry, Jalien the saviour mentioned in Masonic prophecy
    The Hale Bopp comet is heavens gate entrance
    Not to mention, the laser ray sensors around the perimeters fences
    To sense sin and only let in Jesus's henchmen
    Cookin' up rhymes in Hells Kitchen within Satan's district
    Fuck beef, I'll be burning steak with Salem witches
    I sense deja vu within the matrix glitches
    Free'ing slavers bitches, who ain't so safe like snitches
    Burning the owl at bohemian grove with pagan vicars
    I'm a mage, A wizard facing mirrors in an asian prison
    Calibrate the Animus parameters, how much time the duration of the vision?

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    Re: Animus Parameters

    Two things hit home for me Salem witches and the glitches, like the matrix. You appear to be a new writer... are you? Maybe reading your shit can help me threw all this unknown that I’m walking thru alone. You remind me why i used to love this site. I don’t have much to critique cause I’m not some elite professional but good read... I’m gonna pay attention to read more of your shit... good read.
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    Re: Animus Parameters

    What up jalien!
    This was pretty dope man! The flow started off really strong, many syllables lined up well and gelled even better with thw assonance you had going on like golden goblet or crypt of cryptography, some interesting dark images in there, blended into a pretty cool flex piece. I used to love dropping pieces like this. Thanks for the read

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