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    Re: bitcoin

    Hi, thanks for sharing! Could you tell me how to avoid getting scammed when you gamble with bitcoin?

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    Re: bitcoin

    Quote Originally Posted by RandyRandy View Post
    I started using Bitcoin about two years ago, but I still need to improve my skills, and of course, I follow the news about the latest events on the market. And I want to add that it is very helpful to find out other crypto users' opinions, so thanks for sharing your experience, guys.
    Crypto market is relatively new compared to the stock exchange so newcomers need to read as much as they can to be in the know of all recent changes which take place constantly. If you looked at coinmarketcap you would notice that about 60% of coins had gone.

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    Re: bitcoin

    Ford (F) cause they didnít take the buy out and the market was crashed so I knew there is no way but up. I sold at 12x my money... it makes me kinda mad now that I look back cause like that couldíve been serious money... I would read the ticker articles on Friday to get a feel when to stay or sell... crashed and burned on CLBN though... it was penny stock anyway so no big deal

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    I still don’t know what bitcoin is but heard people made some serious money
    Itís like you get to a place where you trust no one and everything becomes opposite and even peace and comfort changes to pain :~: cla919

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