World is terrified,
Children are crying,
People are dying,
Nations are lying,
Rebels are trying,
for peace, but they're getting to much shit,
They go fight, just so the world can be nice and fit,
But, no one is helping them.
The days are going,
Sky is snowing, its crying and its trying to give a hidden message to the people,
To stop fighting wars, cannon is not an answer,
So they add John Lennon music playing like that will change something,
To some racists its a sure thing,
That the world must swing, must be on the edge to be destroyed,
'Cause humanity doesn't have a fucking better idea,
Its expected to be used some nuclear weapons from North Korea,
Poor families are scared to stay in their house,
A grenate might pop up in their house, explode everything,
Till it gives people a mental error,
From all the terror,
Guns shooting, bombs exploding,
destruction is loading,
war planes are out of fuel, so they are landing,
but its not a break, still,
the world is fading,
people are fanting,
like zombies,
soldiers have some bad hobbies,
'cause they are mentally disabled too,
you can see the world red from the moon,
and you know that it will be just a piece of rock very soon,
all we achieved, is gone,
our creations are drawn,
and people will not fucking respawn.
Lets end this war, before it starts.