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    rhyme knight

    bring so much fire i'm gettin pences from dragons for slayin maidens
    been layin wenches in an abbey so faded i'm slappin nuns till they pee
    so buzzed my blood evaporates in the sun from all the casks of mead
    drunk monk friar tuck got nothin on me a hood robbin spree to run ya best bet
    splurge on more virgins than a king get in spring with primae noctis
    or a dead islamist longer than a duck neck get more head than ya mom gives
    my lyrical divination got merlin readin i ching i bring pain to any nation
    last long but impatient the best prima facie when i speak in latin
    my havin cross bows the reason they dig moats to protect the princess
    from gettin syphilis quick when she falls in love and wants sex
    been pickin locks on chastity belts since the night i broke out what's next
    treasure chests that's pale while i seek the holy grail it's rhyme knight

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