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    Big Cousin Chris

    I could think about the million places we could have drinks in the sun
    Standing back to back ready to scrap with trouble cause we those ones
    I can't believe that it's done, not going to deal with the departure
    Not kneeing at the alter or taking the replacements the devil offer
    We came from two sides of the street, our feats spoke of our paths
    Found out we were cousins, busting heads, sportin' the same laugh
    Reactionary that if I grab a nigga from behind your left hook would smash
    Then catching the amazement when they see two big niggas dash
    Got older got kids got figures to cash out, fuck a smash mouth
    Pressing iron bars in knots created a gym from a stash house
    Wishing all this time we could have been building an iron lung
    Keeping the sprockets from being sprung, relying on none
    But now it feels that I loss my legs to stand on, command on
    When your daughter told me you stopped breathing in your sleep
    We were protectors of the weak, the community, ones to depend on
    Sweeping the fog from the streets, actions lessening the breech
    Teaching the art of Football, we got pedigree flowing in our veins
    Lead to be champions and bowl winners children knowing our names
    And now it's not the same, we short a defensive coordinator
    implore that for sure the contributions we gave was intesively major
    Big Cousin, your son has the blueprints to be what we are
    He eats while we carve so that we can feed who we see starve
    He's a star, strong man in more than lifting barbells
    It's alarming how fast he moved from 5lbs weights to shifting cars
    I speak of all this to let you know, Cousin, you're appreciated
    And I hated that you're gone to a place where our grandmother had made it
    Rest in Iron and one day we can hit the streets again
    Showing why Usu's called us their Cocoa Brothers
    Knowing that now no other could have brought peace again
    Your job is done, I got it, go to Grandmother........

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    Re: Big Cousin Chris

    I’m sorry to hear about your cousin and loved the read... not your usual style that I remember but example of how good you are at writing with diversity as well. Hope you feel better soon.
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