look at me i'm jesus if dont you see it you a heathen
if not equipped thats me shootin when you breathe in
go by the name of cray-z because i'm lazy and it fits
always stink quick like when a bitch get a nip bit and shit
meet me you need gauze more than you need god i'm sick
restless travel around the globe break and enter santa claus
reject any cause express my cold sores into cole slaws
grabin on ya grandma like a crab claws with crabs i'm flawed
presidents never accept my presents cheap tricks i feel so rejected
never wanted to be respected that's my problem so i rob'em
love of ass physics got me joggin peep cheeks like a greek got hummus
ignore my summons i'm never comin even when i'm rubbin too buzzed
if we on a bridge i'm shovin till you splatter cuz life dont matter
nobody wanna go the way we go release my ego the mad hatter herbal tea
restless even fleas flee when they see me beware of my two nuts i be free
the best kid you best rec my bestness i'm restless