Itís like weeding out 1000 opinions convincing me out of my own
From everything shown and that Iíve ever known
To say sorry and then do it again, everything I hate that I seen in my old friends
Dealing with ďoh right, now thatís meĒ
Judge not or you be judged first well when this flip so everyone see?
Whos guiding my nightmare like a personal tour
Stuck so close but in between a hidden enemy and they on top of me... she yours?
How would you feel?
I have a natural talent I chose to excel
I donít give fuck where you think I should go or what you think of what I tell
I ainít talking to you, dead up, so donít even read
How if we reep what we sow itís nothing but hate I seed?
My phone was tapped, one day the closest dominos was in Hawaii, sitting here thinking why they all deny me
You see, you know... how much more you willing to go?
Itís funny how when a group of girls lie to diss you and the weak men who follow
Sorry I was never popular but mines would defer and see thru all that shit thatís so shallow
How I got so caught up in their misery, is still a mystery to me
But Iím powerless over what someone else choose to do, I can only change me and just keep airing them thru

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Usually it’s Charlotte or Jersey LOL