Have you ever seen someone so special?,
So special, you would have killed your self for,
Your blood pressure goes so high and fast,
In your head it creates a whole drama cast,
You need to move fast,
You need to impress her, not be the last!
So i take a step by step, questioning my consciousness,
I keep telling to my self that i am the best, she will say yes, but unless,
My heart start popping, my eyes turn red,
Suddenly i become sad,
Its an emotion i never had.
I keep telling to my self, watching her is just enough,
Am i creep, am i perv?
Or is this god punishing me, because i don't believe on him?
I don't care, but i wanna tell her that she is one of a kind,
I want to tell her that she blows my fucking mind,
Her eyes open up my light,
Actually, her eyes fill my neck with ties,
Stops me from breathing,
One moment, i wanna be leaving,
But she holds me so strong,
Its like a war, between our minds,
Need to know what she does think,
So, if i ask her, i don't skink.
I always create the worse scenario in my creativity,
Fuck this shit, i am tired of it, why is this love burning so much?
Maybe i will never fit,
Its just not the right moment, okay?
Fuck that, i will go to her and say hey.
My right hand is holding so tight,
Its weird how it didn't explode my mind.
I finally look her into the eyes,
Sink on the floor, not sure if its true,
Or is my fucking mind creating lies,
I question my self once again, is she true,
But, i tell her,
I want to continue the rest of my life with you.
My mind told me, you idiot, why did you ask her, you will create a big mess,
But she smiles at me and calmy says yes.