they shout misconduct loud maybe my dick did it when i ducked out
she said pass the wine please passed out now they call me weinstein
only tried to please geez later on they called police and call me sleeze
as if i breathed disease between your niece knees for weeks in belize
cool if a dog begs but bitches yell get off my legs so i drink many minikegs
hedge bets when a car honk pull out my cock a lot in starbucks parking lots
give less fucks than average so twats call me savage when i'm persistent
assistant pissed i'm naked in my own home a charlie rose fantasy with twins
call me louie when you see k and bend over for your senator and thank him
al franken hardly gets tits like andy dick cuz he's pacing for kevin spacey
basically in hollywood they all would if they could like woodchucks who suck
body check any poon at whole foods cuz you can't get spooned in hollywould