a lil' light 16, nothin crazy

key style,
im multy syllabic,
restrained aggression,
wit the same obsession that gives a dopefiend his habits.

i attack inhabitants when i roll witta pack of savages,
jewelry on,
'red' 'stones',
enuff 'blood diamonds' to sadden africans.

u 'not Excited'?
im hype wen im on,
youll get these 'Hollow' 'tips'...
but its not 'Advice' from 'Da Don'.

any personal attack...
i stab em witta knife...
if its get any further thru it gets pretty surgical,
battlings fake,
ppl feel the need to b merciful in rap.

im enlightened,
u computer drones will b glitching when my mind talk,
lucky i dont knock u out,
youll be twitching on the sidewalk.

im experienced and im pollished,
think u smart?
well ill blow ya 'brains out',
now u can Parish for 'lack of knowledge'.

im wild hunned,
i need to b thrown in a cage,
just know im engaged,
focusing rage till the ink explodes on the page.

the Cal that im packin...
got my casualties stackin,
got that 'sling',
and 'IT' puts 'clowns in a hole'...
but this aint 'battery acid'.