Everyone got a home,
And if you are in the home, you cannot be alone.
The house might be annoying and hard,
But it has gone this far, because the people are smart.
Its the home of survival,
where only the fittest will survive,
where only the smarterst will be alive.
But i am tired of this place,
I am tired of people judging us by the race,
some even judge you by the face.
Even though we're smart, emotions change our mood,
We brought this planet way too far, by the people which did good.
Unlike some people which are rude,
trying to destroy are home.
Some get punished behind the bars,
others might go 5 feet under the grounds,
but where's really the door for this home?
And why only 3 people visited the other home?
Yea, they must've felt good being alone.
But none of us got the balls to change our home,
So, we are all forced to stay with each other,
but, we hate, we discriminate,
and for sure, we write this worlds fate,
we really call each other mate,
but its so fake,
even thought we don't say it, we know that we hate.
We try to change, but then realize that we are too late.
There is already a story for our fate.