I see you, i missed you,
We saw each other a day before, it looked a year for me,
I am sure you don't see it like i do,
Even though its clear you are looking for attention,
I still want to begin with a presentation,
Maybe a friend recommendation,
I need to tell you that you blow my mind,
you are one of a kind
someone like you,
humans will never find.
The only thing i want is to tell these words to you face,
But something is blocking me,
Its impossible, i can't do it.
I am scared that it would be awkward,
And i will no longer fit,
Social life will spit on me.
I know such things would never happen,
But i am still afraid i will be left alone forever,
I don't know why would you say no however.

You are just a human,
Clearly askin' for attention,
While i am acting kind, you don't even mind,
But if i would dare, would you even care?
If i would dare to say the truth,
not about my feelings for you,
but about how much of an attention whore you want.
Lickin' around everyone, because you are alone,
because you really don't fit,
You are not famous, you are just trying to find friends as well,
I realized i am not the only one here is this piece of hell.
At least i use logic as my shell,
you use your body,
to make me your buddy,
for some school help and money,
and mostly because you are not lonely.
But once you find somone else like me,
then you fucking sell me.

That's what i want to say on your face,
But seems like it too hard, maybe another day,
I couldn't do it, i was almost there,
i will surely do it, another day,
Maybe on february 14, that'd feel good.
Shooting a fucking a heart arrow right on your heart,
So precise, people would start calling me robin hood.