3 rounds and im out

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Thread: 3 rounds and im out

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    3 rounds and im out

    I found another way to engage with this text
    I took a step out but only to take a breath
    I waited longer but still wasnt sure there was much to achieve
    You left the dock u aint even stepped on ya feet
    Yo i enjoy little concepts filled with pleasure
    Its just a moment that spans an entire stratasphur
    I know i try to be the best damn possible father
    But now his ancient pasture lift beyond his basic matter
    The simplicity of his shit seemed to retract referbinitely
    To the point his mind was flat out just unable to understand it legitimacy
    The way his lines were so plain its just felt like this verse was unable to connect
    I reached out to him so i could give him some help
    so it would remind me of his friends
    So he wouldnt have to worry his world was about to end
    Anyways i couldnt get through
    It was difficult to pick at guess im left with only few
    There were no words and i am so sorry
    Here take this quick and down it like i put out a bounty
    Think of a way to access this thread
    Find another way to address the words i cannot accept
    Pass these lines out
    Knock it back like u was sitting in the white house
    I dont give a fuck fucking write a book run for office
    Your so stupid though cause bloom caught ya looking for an accomplice
    a labyrinth of power.....

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    Re: 3 rounds and im out

    This shit was hot as hell @late_bloom for me especially I picked it to read cause I was shot 3x and ironically I could relate it to that too... especially with the nobody can get thru but that’s a long personal story - good read!!
    Why does everyone think Iím a boy?

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