Right so hmm not too sure about this piece in all honesty
Thought i was supposed to talk some shit ended up turning into a comedy
Still confused not going lie
Forgot i guess which format i had to apply
This just a story im just trying to follow along but here are the lines
Wanted to address this scrypt and fill it with lies but then i thought i best just be nice
Guess i could go back and forth with u and it aint no problem
Or maybe just say sumn in general but i havent figured out how im gonna drop it in this topic
I mean how u going do that tho on the real and i mean does u get it for real
Im not going brag i got too many emotions regardless tho ya boy bout it tho ya feel
Ill tell u what it is i guess i just aint got no shit to do right at this moment
I dont know ya know i got a fresh line but im afraid im just going to spoil it
I mean where the awards at what this gangster status for if i aint even going to get nohing out of this shit
I put some shit down i guess ive imptoved a bit
And im not trying to be like that i swear right its not like that
Its just homie and i aint trying to diss whatsoever but cats be rapping aint even know when to just straight lie flat
Im crazy its true ive lost all my desire to continue
Im right back where i started how do i deserve this i mean i aint trying to wear anyone out just need a new pair of shoes
I need an outlet though and i hope right this little open mic will accomplish it
Its not like im tired i could carry on i just dont have that much right now to admit
Gonna have to reread this over a couple times maybe
Cause im so lost homie dont know man its just life be so crazy
Gonna hand it over cause theres a limit on these things
I need room to spread aint gotta run off at the mouth just rest ya bones and gently flap ya angel wings
I want yall to take this little rap thing er whatever seriously thats all
I mean how u going play a game when you cant even learn how to gives ya boy a phone call...