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Thread: A life of a gangster

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    A life of a gangster

    Yeah so story right ya dig me
    You aint taking me you aint own a bently
    U dont have a record u dont know what a mix is
    You talk shit too much like u couldnt even hit bricks
    Faggot this systems gay this forum doesnt work
    What the fuck is om im a owl with a neck that got a bit a shit on his shirt
    Fuck yall anyways this aint no dining hall ima call it attitude stupid
    Kill u why you give me too much amusement
    Im just lenny hi i just listen to music
    You like a blind man who forgot his cane
    Man bullets yall sweating feel me cause i aint missing my spade
    Its a shame man look like the cave he live in
    You best to be off how u gay like oh iaint have no gimmick
    Push me you aint have a limit thinking lines thinking thread
    Function like play on werds when he making me breakfast in bed
    Simple as fact i push this...
    I dont only light it i put it to ya dome like k huntsman...

    Its ya boy aint no design to ya flip
    I aint talking clips but load me some sessions to eclipse
    Make me a rhyme and take it seriously
    You can write a few lines or not but direct me towards my shameful reality
    Take me to my boys
    They will show you we had no choice
    This is going get crazy man im talking some crazy shit not dropout college parties
    Left me dreaming of a reason cause i left them in traffic with targets allover theyre bodies

    I need to decide should i reveal these people and who they are
    Should i flip it out and not question it when i do it before they get scarred
    I need to leave to be honest i fucked this place out
    I just do as general tells nothing to leave ya with ya face down
    A trill old industry member
    It aint no joke i have to explain bits that i have yet to measure...
    Taught a life only stepped in shoes
    Only abide to the life but what if i have none to choose..
    a labyrinth of power.....

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    Re: A life of a gangster

    Hi Late Bloom,

    This drop is okayiish, but really needs some innovative verbiage to bring out the way you deliver the message. A lot of time when I write, I vision the picture in my head (similar to watching a mini-movie) and then brainstorm my ideas. The flow & structure were good, but the wordplay was very basic.

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    Re: A life of a gangster

    I liked it but I don’t rap so it was hard for me to pick up a flow... and the diss stuff was proper like nothing too offensive. Good read for me, I might come back to it cause I want to understand how it flow (I’m just challenged)
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