I am feeling down,
When i breathe, when i think,
Even though its air,
I feel like i am drown,
To the feelings and emotions,
To the meanings and passions,
Something great happened today,
It felt good,
I would do anything to repeat it,
But then everything added the sky gray,
Like a fucking spray,
It wasn't my intensions,
My intensions were good,
But, you changed my mood,
My whole day,
Hope i wake up differently tomorrow,
By the way, have you got an tissue i can borrow?
I'm not crying, i am strong.
Actually i am lying, i am screaming,
Being sad,
My eyes are red,
Don't know the reason,
Maybe this is just the season.
Another day its gone,
I am no longer alone,
I found someone,
throught my positivity,
fuck the negativity,
thats not an option.
These days should never exist,
Or at least they should be missed.
If you're having a bad day, if you're feeling down,
I gotta congratulate you, you have grown,
Take a clock,
Look at the minutes passing,
Keep telling to your self that you fucking rock,
That you are the only person in this world,
You are the Lord,
The day will one day pass,
The bad times will be over,
Then you just gotta put that a cover,
And move on,
Don't suicide come the fuck on!
That's never the answer, no matter how bad you feel,
You need to keep it real,
Also try to eat a meal.

Thank you!