Started a war,
Standing like a star,
Everyone is fucking jelly,
Roasting each other,
Everyone screaming,
You are fucking smelly,
Looking at her belly,
It could be any,
So i take it slowly,
I try to keep it cool,
I try to keep on with the rule,
Everyone screaming you are so cool,
Trying to choose sides,
Actually fuck it,
I am trying to find places to hide,
I wanna be alone,
Don't like this zone,
Wish I had a clone,
To make me a big favor,
To protect me,
How can't you see?
Its so mean.
Everything is seen,
Even me fucking peein'
You can't just be my friend,
No matter how much you bend,
Its not on the trend,
I can't say any words,
'cause its a failure,
I don't wanna get anyone mad,
So instead i got out there and being sad.
I feel like i am being spammed
Like a button which keeps getting pressed,
So i really do feel depressed,
And stressed,
I feel like i can't take it anymore,
Looking at the surface core,
Finding an animal looking at me,
Almost like it is talkin' to me,
Comparing me with him,
Finding nothing else, except what you have seen.