Taking it slow,
keeping it low,
leaving it snow,
two little humans in this huge universe,
changing the whole world,
the power,
the hunger,
it's beautiful, it is scary, it is emotions,
They like it,
They make other people sick,
They both got a nick,
You might fight them,
It wont be fun,
So everytime you look at them,
You need to pay respect,
When you think of the future,
Counting all these years,
Why aren't those fucking pricks dead already,
Why would I have to wait,
They are so thready.
Some don't get it at all,
They are mind blown when they find out,
Some people talk good for them,
But we all know that everybody hates 'em,
Disscusin who's gonna take the place,
For another war to begin,
To fill in,
For the meat to hide in the bushes and being scared.
It might go worse, it might go better,
But the issue is that we will always fuckin' complain.
I guess that's our job,
To make us better,
I mean, to take our seats and then write a letter of how thankful they are,
How good they would be,
How much interest they would have.
The world will read it,
Will enjoy it,
Some new fans,
Same old plans,
Stealin' everything.
These are the masterminds we all lookin' for.
Ain't the illuminati, nor the Aliens,
It's the humans,
The holy humans.
Our mind,
Stop being so fucking blind,
It's so obvious, but we ain't stopping fueling,
Then we surely are feeling the pain the motherfucking rain.
Whether it is on an airplane or an cars lane.
They are always there watching us, while we fuel them.