//// I wandered toward a well where I wondered what is
//// A big bag of coins in my hand I brought with me to wish

At the top of the list... was that she could be mine
Though I know that no personís possessed like a dime

Then I tossed in some change for some change,
That I may evade the routine of existence these days

After a moment of thought, plopped a fourth of a dollar
In the water for my father that heíd escape his own thoughts

Bothered, I paused, and just sat for a second
Took a look in the well, couldnít see my reflection
Took a drink of my drink and began truly to ponder
That Jesus Christ was a man, who managed to walk on the water

Then, like the leaves from the trees in this autumn
Or cherubs of fallen, I stepped in the well and plunged right to the bottom
Weighed by my wishes, and unable to swim,
I drowned in dismay for my desirous sins
I looked up at a light getting greater with time
And in spite of my choking was hoping the chance to survive

But that wish was my cue,
//// my body turned blue
So at least number two of my wishes came true.