An Ode To Chester Bennington

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Thread: An Ode To Chester Bennington

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    An Ode To Chester Bennington

    An Ode To Chester Bennington

    this is my ode to Chester
    think I'll go sequester
    beside myself while By Myself
    grab the notepad off my shelf
    get quiet and riot with a pen
    In The End, sign it with some phlegm
    get Numb 'til I'm feeling Faint
    without LP I wouldn't be the same
    so many times I wanted to Runaway
    had dark thoughts but put the gun away
    your suicide stings like a Papercut
    hung inside while the shades were shut
    the first band I felt connected to
    your style changed, I disrespected you
    declaring new Linkin Park was trash
    so many fans thinking hearts were gashed
    never stopped listening to the classics
    from the EP to the LP and the remix
    love Meteora but fuck the mashes
    man, this news has me feeling sea sick
    you provided me Somewhere I Belong
    and inspired me to start writing songs
    your vocal versatility left me aghast
    violent screams like a threatening blast
    a beautiful voice my mom could appreciate
    so much pain only death could alleviate
    you left an imprint on so many like me...
    you left an imprint on so many like me...
    Chester, I'm sorry there'll be no tomorrow
    please rest in peace with No More Sorrow

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    Re: An Ode To Chester Bennington

    Tho I never was the biggest LP fan I liked this ode. It cames off pretty straightforward and sincere reflection- from fanboy to sceptics view. Technically this was pretty sound, quite easy flowing, nothin fancy schmancy but you write pretty concise, using less words to say enough, for this piece at least. I don't think any bars stood out in a particular way, perhaps with the exception of the last ones that finished the piece on a suitable, emotional note. That's pretty much all I gotta say here, and Im out.

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    Re: An Ode To Chester Bennington

    It felt largely statement based. This tends to be an issue in an art form that thrives on poetic/abstract language and detracted from the emotion you were trying to convey. Also be careful of using over predictable rhyming words. The rhyme scheme itself is perfectly fine, but I feel you could be more creative with the word choice. The structure is solid, reads well and pays attention to concise line spacing. Keep writing man, you'll only get better.

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